Hungry Hearts Ministries
Is Your Heart Hungry For The Lord?

Hungry Hearts Ministries hosts Feast of Tabernacles and Passover Celebrations.  HHM publishes books on living by God's Laws.  HHM also publishes a FREE quarterly Magazine, Pursuit.  HHM also establishes local congregations with people who share our vision. 

The Hungry Hearts Churches meet in Jackson TN, Murfreesboro TN, Cookeville TN, Cleveland TN and Athens GA.

We have new services starting in Maryville, TN, Tupelo, MS, and Hunstville, AL!


Welcome to Hungry Hearts Ministries!

Are you Hungry for more of God?

Are you looking for more than what you have experienced of God?

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Hungry Hearts Ministries is focused on bringing people together people who have a true hunger for God Almighty. If you are looking for a closer, deeper walk with Jesus Christ, then Hungry Hearts Ministries may be the place for you to worship! We seek to bring believers together in the fullness of God's Spirit and the fullness of His Truth.

On this website, you will find service locations and upcoming events. We also have a Resources section, which has booklets on Biblical subjects such as "Divine Healing" and "God's Holy Sabbath". We offer a free magazine called Pursuit, which is mailed quarterly. There are in-depth books available for order as well. Feel free to explore this website and find fulfillment for your hungry heart.

God seeks worship.  That worship must conform to His Truth in the Holy Bible, and it must be by His Holy Spirit.  Hungry Hearts Ministries promotes the worship of the Lord.  We believe that both private and corporate worship is essential to prepare the Bride of Christ.  The whole purpose of worship is to bring he believer into a place of intimacy with the Lord.

Are you ready to offer you life to God as your reasonable service?  Hungry Hearts Ministries conducts church services to explore the worship of God, according to the Word of God.  We also publish books to help believers grow closer to Jesus Christ. If you are interested you can contact us by mail, PO Box 10334, Jackson TN 38308; or by email,; or by phone, (731) 736-1055(731) 736-1055.