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Supporting Overseas Ministries to Do God's Work

Hungry Hearts Ministries has a group of dedicated Christian missionaries that aims to bring people together and lead them to God. We are based in Jackson, Tennessee, but we also do mission work overseas, particularly in Kenya and India.

Mission Work in India

Pastor Mohana Rao and his son G Anandababu work tirelessly to preach the Gospel in Southeast India, where they lead three congregations. Working under the name Church of God Ministries, they keep the Sabbath, Holy Days, and Dietary Laws. These brethren have every possible need. You can help by sending your contributions. Just remember to mark your contribution "INDIA." In line with their work, they have published four books, namely:

Holy Time with God | Freedom Under the Law of God | Clean and Unclean: the Guide to Living the Holy Life | God's Plan of Salvation in the Holy Days

Preaching the Gospel

Pastor Josphat Kaberia

Mission Work in Kenya

Pastor Josphat Kaberia keeps together a ministry of seven congregations in the arid northern part of Kenya. His mission goes by the name Hungry Hearts Ministries of Kenya. Pastor Josphat and his missionaries keep the Sabbath, the Holy Days, and the Dietary Laws. As with our mission team in India, our Kenya missionaries have also published Holy Time with God and Freedom Under the Law of God. There are great needs in this area of the world. If you are interested in helping them, please mark your contribution "KENYA." For more information, request our free brochure on worldwide missions.